Dear Dealers,

The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair is becoming a very important fair in Belgium, maybe the most important.

Articles : Bruxelles News(French), FocusVif(French), RTBF(French), Brussels Life(English)

We started the fair about 8 years ago, doing it once a year in the beginning but people were so much interested that we decide to go for 2 times per year. It still is like that today.
This fair is for VINYL lovers ONLY ! We do not accept other musical support in the fair.

The location of the fair is exactly in the centre of town, in front of the Central Station, very near to all tourist places and close to our beautiful Grand’ Place.

Access is very easy by train, bus, car or even by foot. That surely part of the success !

For the dealers, unloading is easy too, everything is completely flat. Parking the car on the streets is free as we always do the fair on a sunday.  There is a public parking on the corner of the street.

No need to talk about life, food/beer quality in Belgium. Do not forget chocolates and waffles.

Our fair is VINYL ONLY ! No CD, no DVD and no 1euro vinyl. Brussels Vinyl Record Fair is not a flea market !!! We want to stay a quality Vinyl Record Fair. If you agree with our idea and you’re interested to come and sell at the Brussels Vinyl Record Fair,  do not hesitate and get in touch. We will respond asap.