Where is the place?

Our Record Fair takes place in the Galerie Ravenstein.
The Galerie Ravenstein is well known in Brussels. It is located just at the back side of the Central Station, one of the 3 main train stations in Brussels.

You can access directly from the station into the Galerie as they are connected.

When coming to the fair by car, there is no parking problem as there are 2 big parkings nearby, about 100m from the fair. (InterParking Central Gate)

The Galerie is about 5 minutes walk from the beautiful Brussels “Grand Place” where there always is a lot of activity and things to do. Very close also are the Galerie de la Reine and Galerie du Roi,  known for they high quality shops. In the same neighborhood you will find a very touristic place  called “Ilot sacre” full of restaurants and shops.

Brussels has 3190 restaurants, so normally you will always something at your taste. Enjoy !

A winter activity, The Brussels Christmas Market is growing very fast and now starts close to “Grand Place”. Spend some time there, it’s very nice with tons of Belgian specialities.

On the other side of the Galerie Ravenstein you will find the “Sablon“, another very nice square where there is an antique market on the week-end. This is not a “flea market” but a real antique market.  At Christmas time, the city is full of illuminations and “Sablon” is a very nice place for this too. The Brussels Flea Market takes place every day of the week in the morning and is few blocs away from “Sablon”.

Have a very nice stay !