Didi Music : The Netherlands

He has a shop in Heerlen. The shop is huge, really big ! There are tons of vinyls, books and toys ! You can spend a complete day…maybe one day is not enough ! So, Didi Music will bring a part of their treasure to The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair ! All record hunters should…

Heaven Records : Germany

Heaven Records from Germany ! They specialises in Metal, Punk , Alternative and much more… They have a very good reputation for condition and variety of selected items. They also have a large stock of Record Store Day vinyls, so if you missed buying one, simply go to their stall at The Brussels Vinyl Record…

Giovanni Fragapane : BELGIUM

A new dealer participate at The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair! Mr Fragapane from Belgium. He specialises in Rock, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Metal and French music. His smile and barbe are impressive ! Not only that, his stuff is also impressive and amazing…! It will soon be your favourite stall at The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair…

VINYLSCAN : Genk, Belgium

If you love Soul & Funk Music and would you like to get a rare record, then you can go to his stall at the Brussel Vinyl Record Fair on 28 May! He is VINYLSCAN from Genk, Belgium and he specialises in Soul, Funk music. Of course, he has other genre of music. We recommend you…


ARLEQUIN Records is probably the most important shop in Brussels today. They have 2 shops in different parts of the city. Both shops have a very nice selection in all genres. The main shop is located in the top touristic part of town, about 20 meters from Manneken-Pis !!! Good location for a good shop…

Marthy Coumans

Marthy Coumans has a shop in Breda, Holland. The shop is called Grey. Marthy is a specialist of beat. Let’s call it exotic beat ! He is always searching for unknown sounds from groups from all over the globe ! Marthy is a passionate ! He never stops… He is also passionate by the nice…

Whabi Hisham

Whabi Hisham is also a regular of the Brussels Record Fair. He comes from North France and is a real specialist of Rap and Hip-Hop Music. If you’re looking for this style, go and look at his stall, it’s always a nice discovery !

Mr. Johnny “YVES” Hallyday

Cette fois çi aussi, notre ami, Yves De Bakker, LE SPECIALISTE de Johnny Hallyday sera de la partie. Comme d’habitude Yves nous amènera toutes ses très belles pièces, rare et moins rare ! Nous sommes certains que tous les fans de Johnny lui rendrons visite lors de la Brussels Vinyl Record Fair.

David Manet

David Manet is from Brussels. He is a real Jazz and a French chanson specialist. He has a huge knowledge in these fields. He also knows about rock, avant garde & world music. Look the pics of the records he will bring at the fair. When David open his boxes, it’s always very interesting. Be…

Ronny : Belgium

Ronny is a REAL specialist of Belgian Beat Groups and punk worldwide, he knows everything about this kind of music ! You can trust him, in the smallest details, he knows it ! He will be at the Brussels Record Fair. If you need infos, ask this guy ! He hide his face but eveyrbody…

Lucio Libretta : Belgium

Lucio Libretta est un vrai spécialiste d’un genre musical très populaire en Belgique et dans le nord de la France: le popcorn. Il vient depuis un certain temps à la Foire de Bruxelles et dit qu’il y a beaucoup de personnes intéresées par sa spécialité.

Houman Ghadimi : Germany

YOUPIE !!!! Consider by many visitors as the best stall at the Brussels Vinyl Record Fair, Houman Ghadimi will be part of it one more time ! He likes the fair’s feelings and does not want to miss it. As usual, Houman will have some surprises for Brussels !

Minoru Sawano : Japan

At The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair we also have a specialist on japanese items ! The high quality of the japanese vinyl is known worldwide. It’s always a pleasure to welcome Minoru Sawano.

Jürgen Busch : Germany

Jürgen Busch comes from Germany and has joined our fair since the beginning. He is always joking, funny and so gentle you can’t believe it. He has LP’s but also singles in most style of music. His prices and quality are unbelievable. Don’t miss this KISS rarity ! You will find Jürgen in the main…

Thierry Ferre : France

Thierry Ferre is the organizer of the Record Fair in Hem, his hometown in Nord France. He has a nice selection of records pressed in France in different music styles. He came to the Brussels Vinyl Record Fair some years ago and is now a regular dealer. You will find him in the roundhouse.