The 15th Brussels Vinyl Record Fair !

We have now fixed the date for the next Brussels Vinyl Record Fair: it will take place on december 4 as usual in the beautiful Galerie Ravenstein. More info for dealers and for visitors to come very soon on our web site and on Facebook.

Booking for Brussels Record Fair

Dear dealers, We have started the table bookings for the next Brussels Vinyl Record Fair on 29 May 2016. If you are interested to join us, you can send us your refs by E-mail or by Facebook. We will then contact you. But remember, this is a VINYL ONLY Record Fair ! We have only…

The 14th Brussels Record Fair

The next Brussels Vinyl Record Fair will be on 29 May 2016. As always, lots of nice vinyl offered by the best Belgian dealers but also lots of international dealers. Now you know what to do that week-end. Save the date !

Chez Claude

“Chez Claude” is a rock ‘n roll café-restaurant in Brussels center city that you better visit. The food is good, drinks perfect, prices ok but look at the walls ! Great ! This place is great ! And more than that the owner knows about music and support The Brussels Record Fair.

Ronny : Belgium

Ronny is a REAL specialist of Belgian Beat Groups and punk worldwide, he knows everything about this kind of music ! You can trust him, in the smallest details, he knows it ! He will be at the Brussels Record Fair. If you need infos, ask this guy ! He hide his face but eveyrbody…

Yvon Bernard : France

Yvon Bernard est un spécialiste en chanson française. Il a une quantité incroyable de 45t et EP et un choix d’artistes extraordinaire. Si vous collectionnez cela, ne manquez pas son stand.

Lucio Libretta : Belgium

Lucio Libretta est un vrai spécialiste d’un genre musical très populaire en Belgique et dans le nord de la France: le popcorn. Il vient depuis un certain temps à la Foire de Bruxelles et dit qu’il y a beaucoup de personnes intéresées par sa spécialité.


HANS POKORA, the author of the world famous “RECORD COLLECTOR DREAMS” books is also supporting The Brussels Record Fair. If you’re into Progressive Music, do not miss Hans new book out recently ! It’s amazing !!! Available at the Fair…

Houman Ghadimi : Germany

YOUPIE !!!! Consider by many visitors as the best stall at the Brussels Vinyl Record Fair, Houman Ghadimi will be part of it one more time ! He likes the fair’s feelings and does not want to miss it. As usual, Houman will have some surprises for Brussels !

Radio Martiko : Belgium

Radio Martiko, a record label and DJ collective, will be selling their own releases and tons of exclusive, exotic vinyl. They often go digging abroad. This year they’ve spend several weeks hunting for records in Greece and Egypt. They’ll be selling : Oriental, Greek, Turkish, Latin, Caribbean, R’n’B, Cumbia, Bollywood, Gypsy, Popcorn, African, Library, Surf,…

Minoru Sawano : Japan

At The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair we also have a specialist on japanese items ! The high quality of the japanese vinyl is known worldwide. It’s always a pleasure to welcome Minoru Sawano.


This Swedish BEATLES EP is Super Rare !!! It will be at The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair on december 6 in the Galerie Ravenstein…Come and get it !

Mr Malevez

Mr Malevez from Luxembourg is one of the biggest European collectors…and he is an incredibly nice person ! He is visiting the Utrecht Fair and the Brussels Fair every time. As incredible as it looks, he always finds something for his (huge) collection in Brussels. He loves to come and we love to meet him…

Jürgen Busch : Germany

Jürgen Busch comes from Germany and has joined our fair since the beginning. He is always joking, funny and so gentle you can’t believe it. He has LP’s but also singles in most style of music. His prices and quality are unbelievable. Don’t miss this KISS rarity ! You will find Jürgen in the main…