The Collector

THE COLLECTOR is one of the oldest record shops in Brussels. It is also one of the biggest ! They have thousands of records in all genre. Really a huge selection ! LP’s, singles, they have tons of both. Very nice choice, well organized, helpfull…everybody should pay a visit ! THE COLLECTOR supports The Brussels…


Our friend Nono is a well known dealer from South France. He is know for having nice items all the time but also for his good mood and his “joie de vivre”. See him here at work ! The Record Scene is not boring…

Gianluigi Valerio and Luca

Gianluigi Valerio and his friend are very important italian dealers. Gianluigi always has INCREDIBLY RARE items on his wall. How he gets them is his secret … His friend is specialized in punk music and knows everything about this. They both support The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair as you can see on the picture !…

Whabi Hisham

Whabi Hisham is also a regular of the Brussels Record Fair. He comes from North France and is a real specialist of Rap and Hip-Hop Music. If you’re looking for this style, go and look at his stall, it’s always a nice discovery !

Mr. Johnny “YVES” Hallyday

Cette fois çi aussi, notre ami, Yves De Bakker, LE SPECIALISTE de Johnny Hallyday sera de la partie. Comme d’habitude Yves nous amènera toutes ses très belles pièces, rare et moins rare ! Nous sommes certains que tous les fans de Johnny lui rendrons visite lors de la Brussels Vinyl Record Fair.


VINYL KITCHEN is a good Vinyl record shop in Gent. The owner is a very nice guy who is always smiling and ready to help. Hanging Brussels Vinyl Record Fair poster has never been a problem and we appreciate this. The shop has a big selection of LP’s in all genres but also a quite…

David Manet

David Manet is from Brussels. He is a real Jazz and a French chanson specialist. He has a huge knowledge in these fields. He also knows about rock, avant garde & world music. Look the pics of the records he will bring at the fair. When David open his boxes, it’s always very interesting. Be…

Anne & Fabrice

Nos amis Anne & Fabrice ont organisé une nouvelle foire à Mons. Ce sera une foire aux disques mais aussi un évènement vintage-audio-musique. Cela promet d’être intéressant ! Ils ont beaucoup travaillé pour que ce soit un succès. Nous leur rendrons bien sûr visite.


A new shop opened last saturday in a small town called Wavre, suburb of Brussels. The shop name is “” and you will find new and second hand vinyl. The owner is a regular visitor of the Brussels Vinyl Record Fair where he can find good stocks for his shop. Let’s have a visit to…

Elektrocution Records Shop

Elektrocution Records Shop is one of the important record shops in Brussels. Specialiazed in metal, they also have a lot of other items in stock, all at reasonnable prices and in very good condition. Some very nice items !!! They take part in the promotion of our fair by hanging the Brussels Vinyl Record Fair…


Dear dealers, The Brussels Vinyl Record Fair is now completely SOLD-OUT ! Our 250 tables have been fully booked in 4 days ! We thank you for your trust in our fair. This confirms that Brussels is now the best fair in Belgium. It is now time for us to promote the fair and make…

Dear Dealers 2

Dear dealers, The booking started 2 days ago and 70% of the tables are already gone!!! It’s unbelievable how fast… So for the dealers that still want to come I only can say: HURRY to return the booking form which is the ONLY way to be sure to get a stall.

Dear dealers

We have started the table bookings for the next Brussels Vinyl Record Fair on 4 december 2016. If you are interested to join us, you can send us your refs by E-mail or by Facebook. We will then contact you. But remember, this is a VINYL ONLY Record Fair ! We have only 200 stalls…

The 15th Brussels Vinyl Record Fair !

We have now fixed the date for the next Brussels Vinyl Record Fair: it will take place on december 4 as usual in the beautiful Galerie Ravenstein. More info for dealers and for visitors to come very soon on our web site and on Facebook.

Chez Claude

“Chez Claude” is a rock ‘n roll café-restaurant in Brussels center city that you better visit. The food is good, drinks perfect, prices ok but look at the walls ! Great ! This place is great ! And more than that the owner knows about music and support The Brussels Record Fair.